Paper Flowers are all the Rage!

Good Sunday morning to all of you! Just a short post for me this morning, but I thought that you might be like me on this cold winter day, wanting to hunker down and stay indoors. Well I have some gorgeous craft tutorials for you, for making paper flowers! Check out these sites when you have some time to site down and make a hybrid project or two. I know that Shawna’s papers would look awesome if you used them this way:

  1. Cupcake liner flowers from Intimate Weddings.
  2. Parchment flowers from Etsy’s How-Tuesday. I got to see these in all their glory this summer, when my friend Pura’s mom made thousands of them of out of colored vellum for Pura’s wedding.
  3. Simple paper flowers, from Creature Comforts
  4. Lovely Kusudama flowers from Folding Trees
  5. Tissue paper carnations, also from Folding Trees
  6. Tissue paper roses from My Juice Cup
  7. Paper Flower Ball from Find Inspirations

Incidentally, I found these great tutorials from Knucklehead Salad if you want some details about the projects. So have fun experimenting with creating your own paper flowers and enjoy your Sunday!

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