Support Shawna by supporting her bestie!

Just a quick post for you all this morning. If you know Shawna, then you know that right now, she is far away from her best friend, Lauren Grier who is in the hospital for emergency surgery. La has been in extreme pain for a while now, and they finally discovered what was causing it. She is scheduled for surgery this morning, and the digital scrapbook community is pulling together to support Shawna’s Bestie!

How can you help? The best way that you can show your support is to shop La’s personal store. There’s plenty there to choose from including collabs that Shauren have pulled together. If you can purchase even so much as one kit you are helping to support La through her recovery time, which is undetermined at this point.

Shawna and La have been best friends for a long time. Support Shawna by shopping La.

Everyone on Shawna’s creative team is thinking about or praying for you La!

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